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Product Packaging

Packaging is a significant strategy of marketing which is used to add glamour to the product so that consumers can be attracted towards the product

Product Packaging

I can creatively design stickers, box designs, bottle labels, product labels, product packaging and also I will be the perfect guy to do food packaging, cosmetic product packaging and clothing labels for various businesses to sell your products in online websites like Amazon, ebay, Alibaba etc.

Your project and my skills are a great fit. Here’s why:

1. I respect your deadlines. My goal is to get you the highest-quality work as quickly as possible.
2. Every pixel counts, and I’m here to make sure they all look perfect.
3. Once the deadline is settled, the deadline is settled. I’m always on time.


Here’s a breakdown of the cost:

Bunting and BannerRM 50
Event BackdropRM 125
Product PackagingRM 50



Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Design